What is Payacko?

We want you to “be a child at heart” and just have fun! 
Having those feelings, we create lovely, cute, and sometimes a little bit weird products.
We try our best to create products which are nostalgic yet make you feel positive.
We have been producing our works by two creators, Emma Ishimaru and Tambo since April 2020.

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Emma Ishimaru

Illustrator. Character designer.
I am from the “Yutori Generation”, and love fancy things and R&B.
I have spent my childhood with animal characters.
Wondering if I could share those lovely memories, I started this activity.
My favorite food is okonomiyaki.


PR manager. Video creator.
When everyone asks me about my favorite food, I would always say “Monja!”
(A Japanese traditional food which is similar to okonomiyaki, also known as monjayaki.)
Whenever I have free time, I listen to music and watch movies.
I also love going to zoos, which makes me relaxed. I want to complete all of the zoos in Japan.